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United Kingdom behöver mycket virke eftersom de själva har huggit bort det mesta av sina egna skogar. På enorma arealer har UK:s kalhyggen permanentats och blivit ljungdraperade moorlands. Därför måste UK importera stora mängder av skogsråvara. Timber Trade Federation är den största importören. Från deras kontor i London styrs importen av skövlade gammelskogar i Sápmi, Sábme, Saepmie. Som protest mot #skogsmissbruket har Skogsupprorets engelska deltagare gjort en fredlig protest utanför Timber Trade Federations kontor i London.

Från Skogsupprorets Facebookgrupp igår:

“Today the @forestrebellion held a peaceful protest outside the Timber Trade Federation #thebuildingcentre in central London, protesting against the #social and #environmental impacts [1] of the imports of timber from big #Swedish#logging companies such as Sveaskog, SCA and Stora Enso, whose UK subsidiaries are members of the federation. 🌲‼️🗣

#sveaskog #skogsstyrelsen #skogsupproret #extinctionrebellion #nowhereinsápmi

‼️🗣🌳The colonial state of Sweden is humiliating and exploiting the existence of the Sami through the industrial forestry where reindeer grazing, hunting and fishing lands are being massacred. 🌲‼️🗣

#FaceTheClimateEmergency #StopFakeRenewables #svpol #ouramazon

‼️🗣🌳 The UK is the single largest #export market for products such as paper, sawn softwood and wood pulp from the swedish forest industry. In #Sweden the last #natural #forests are being felled at an increasing rate to give way for large-scale #plantations of single species of trees, while only a few percent of the area used for production of forestry products is protected [2]. 🌲‼️🗣

“Artificial plantations should be banned in reindeer herding lands, its exactly the same as when rainforest is being cut down to produce palm oil” – Michael Eriksson reindeer herder.

@skogsupproret @forestrebellion #standwithsápmi #decolonisesápmi

‼️🗣🌳 When it comes to protecting biodiversity in forests, Sweden ends up far behind countries like Brazil which is often criticised for deforestation. Last year the UK government announced more regulations against products resulting in deforestation [3] but it doesn’t take into account legalised deforestation in domestic laws, such as Sweden [4]. 🌲‼️🗣

#indeginousrights #humanrights #UN #timbertradefederation #ClimateConversations

‼️🗣🌳 We resist the abuse of the human rights of the Sami and demand a deep transformation which respects the consent of indigenous communities towards any natural resource exploitation on their lands. 🌲‼️🗣

@SCA @theguardian @skogsupproret @forestrebellion

[1] Indigenous people’s ancestral land threatened by Europe’s largest logging company:…/…

[2] About the swedish forest:

[3] Global Witness response to UK government announcement on new deforestation law:…/global-witness…/

[4] Swedens forest crimes:…/opinion/swedens-forest-crimes/

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  1. Engelska imperiet var också först med att kolonisera Sapmi.
    På samma sätt som Asien.
    The Gellivare Mining Company startade gruvdriften, det svenska kronan sedan övertog (“Engelska kanalen” Edefors är ett minne från den tiden).
    När de huggit bort sin egen skog tog de alla stortallar i Sapmi till masterna i engelska flottan.
    Stubbarna kan man se ännu.

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