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  1. LOL I love that the two responses to Jon Michael’s last line were so contradictory. I don’t think I’m actually able to stop thinking and trying to find the answers… I think it’s innate, and to just accept things without questioning them and figuring them out for myself goes against who I am. I think it’s part of being a geek, lol. Lauren – you’re really sweet

  2. Delighted! Fast, efficient and friendly service. Battery failed and no-one to prepared to replace it locally (Spain). Phone was back with me -repaired and working perfectly after a week or so. I hope your service won’t be needed again for some time but, if so, I shall know where to come. Thank you!

  3. Wow, they look scrumptious!! I better get off the computer (I’ve been on most of the day) and do a little baking myself. Or at least make up some cookie dough to bake on Christmas Eve. I love the snowflake cookie cutters. I’ll have to keep on the look out for those. I think it’s wonderful that you have others around to bake with. It brightens the season and warms the heart.Happy Baking,Marianne

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  6. Good point, and thanks for the feedback. Personally the modern corporation makes me think of one particular monster of ancient Greek mythology: The Hydra! The big mupdelli-heated monster regrows two heads every time you cut off one…


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